Web Site Updated

22 July 2017

Web Site Updated 2017.07.22 Web site updated to a more modern theme.

Phi Rho Avatar Is Running On Facebook Now

25 November 2016

Philip Rhoades’ Avatar goes live on FaceBook: 2016.11.25 Phi Rho Chat Page at FaceBook

Great Article By Tim Urban Of Wait But Why

02 April 2016

Great Article By Tim Urban Of Wait But Why 2016.04.02 Probably the best and most comprehensive discussion to date on why Cryonics is a good idea: Why Cryonics Makes Sense

Web Site Updated

27 February 2013

Web Site Updated 2013.02.26 Web site updated to a newer infrastructure but with the same look and feel.

More Member Info

16 December 2009

More Member Information 2009.12.16 Two more sections added to the web site that can only be accessed by members. The extra information includes summary payment details for the logged-in member (including a balance required for Life Membership status) and CAA organisational documentation that members need to have access to. Every...

Life Memberships

10 August 2009

2009.08.10 At a meeting of the CAA Executive via phone conference on 10 August, 2009 we resolved to create a new category of membership called “Life Membership” (LM) where: LMs are exempt from paying further annual CAA dues (although they are still encouraged to make donations to CAA) people are...

Annual General Meeting

18 April 2009

2009 Annual General Meeting 2009-04-18 We have just had the 2009 AGM and I have updated the web site - including a new page for Non Members. The CAA has incurred significant costs in the past by supporting Cryonics cases that were not members. We can’t continue to do this...