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Great article by Tim Urban of WaitButWhy!

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2009 AGM

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As a result of the 2009-08-10 Executive Meeting, there is a new category of membership: Life Membership - please see the "latest News" section on the left.


If a CAA member has just died or is about to die and you want CAA to start making arrangements:

  • If the person has just been declared deceased and a medical certificate has been issued, please pack the person in ice bags (NOT dry ice) - especially around the person's head.
  • Leave a message on our phone number (+61 2 8001 6204):


    Membership of CAA gives the support of Australian CAA members that can greatly help with the preparation and transport of a patient to a Cryonics facility in the US resulting in reduced costs compared to non members. CAA is also working on other membership benefits eg insurance discounts.

    Joining CAA

    If you already have, or are intending to organise, a membership with a US Cryonics organisation and want to join CAA (cost AUS$1,000), click here:

    Annual CAA Membership Renewal

    If you are already a CAA Member and want to continue your membership with CAA (the recommended payment is AUS$60 per annum) click here:

    Annual CAA Associate Membership

    If you DO NOT have and are NOT intending to organise a membership with a US Cryonics organisation in the near future, but still want to participate in the CAA, you can take out a CAA Associate Membership subscription (cost AUS$30 per annum) by clicking here:

    CAA Donation

    If you want to pay CAA an arbitrary amount of money (eg to raise your total payments to Life Membership status - $2,500) then click here:


    Besides the CAA AGM which is usually held in April, there are regular Sydney Futurist group meetups where Cryonics and Life Extension technologies generally are frequently discussed - see sidebar for the Web link.